Privacy Policy

Double Tap Games

The following Privacy Policy applies to all our games, directed to all audiences and any ages, distributed by Double Tap Games in the following platforms:

• Google Play

• Apple App Store

1 - Data collection and disclosure

What information do our products collect, and why?

• Game data (e.g. coins amount, unlocked characters, saves) is stored locally and remotely so as to be able to restore it, assist users, and elaborate user game performance/usage analytics. This information is anonymous, and only related to the before mentioned ID. It is not disclosed publicly or to third parties in an individual way, but can be published by us in an aggregated way as stats or in an anonymous/neutral way (e.g. “best score is 100 points”).

Any other kind of personal information is NOT directly collected by the mentioned products. That includes:

• Email address or other online contact information

• Telephone number

• First/Last names

• Precise locations/addresses

• Photograph, video or recordings of the users

• Files located and managed by the user’s device not related to the products

• Etc., check COPPA’s definition of personal information

Third party services may collect/disclose other types of personal data, as their respective privacy policy explain. Section 2, “Third Parties” contains a breakdown of this services, and a link to their respective privacy policy.

2 - Third parties

The mentioned products include and make use of third party services, which may themselves collect user information. Below is the list of services used, their purpose and location of the privacy policy of each one.

1- Distribution

• Google Play Games:

• Apple App Store:

2- Billing

• Google Play Games:

• Apple App Store:

3- Advertising

• Admob:

• Facebook:

• Unity Ads:

• Applovin:

4- Analytics

• Firebase:

3 - Data management

A-Accessing and deleting your information

Contact us at


No passwords or other sensitive information is stored by our products, other information stored locally is low-level encrypted and checked upon load, but not in runtime. Information exchanges with online storage services is secured by the standard HTTPS security protocols.

C- Usage information

Usage and gameplay information, we collect through the analytics services is used to understand and improve the experience provided by our products and their technical and commercial performance, and to obtain statistical evidence of user behavior for these and future Double Tap Games products.

4 - Final Observations

Double Tap Games products are intended for general audiences. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with information without their consent, he or she should contact us at

Our user’s privacy, trust and experience while using our products are critical. If you think this policy can be improved or corrected, or you simply want to ask us anything, we’ll always be at reach at